Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lowrell - Mellow Mellow Right On 1979

AVI Records AVISL 108

This one goes back a few years and I must apologise for the cover coz it's a bit grubby.
Chicago's Lowrell Simon started out in The LaVondells in the 1960's. When the Vondells broke up, he formed The Lost Generation between 1969 and 1974. He went on to write many successful songs including All About the Paper for Loleatta Holloway in 1979.
In the late 1970's, Simon began recording under his first name. He signed to Liberace's label, AVI Records, and released an album in late 1979 entitled Lowrell. The album's second single, Mellow Mellow Right On was a #32 U.S. R&B hit and reached #37 in the UK Singles Chart in December 1979.
There's no great difference for the casual listener but I always played the Alternative Version. Although they are listed as Vocal and Instrumental tracks, the song is continuous on both sides. For this reason I have ripped in both formats, 4 songs and 2 songs, both of which have been added to the rar file. You can choose which to save and delete the other. The song has long since become an anthem and has been sampled by many, including by Massive Attack, Imagination and Common.

  • Vocal
  • Instrumental
  • Alternative Vocal
  • Alternative Instrumental
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Lowrell.rar Filesize: 94.97MB

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  1. Man, I've been looking for this everywhere. Big thanks!

  2. I have been searching high and low for this too!! Thanks, great site!!!

  3. How come the Vocal is at 88bpm and the Alternate is @ 91bpm??? Did u rip them both at zero? Or did you purposely speed on up?

  4. To answer Anon, look at the label scans above - the alternative mix has been purposely sped up, the BPM is printed on there.


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