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Cashflow - Mine All Mine 1986

Club Records JABX 30

Larry Blackmon of Cameo relocated to Atlanta in the ’80s and got involved in music production. One of the groups he signed to his Atlanta Artists label was Ca$hflow.

They featured lead vocalist Kary Hubbert, backed by drummer Gaylord Parson, keyboardists James Duffie, and Regis Ferguson, and blended funk, rap, and urban contemporary music in a style very similar to Cameo.

Their debut LP, Ca$hflow, yielded one moderate hit, Mine All Mine, in 1986, which did fairly well internationally, especially in the clubs. It borrowed heavily from the Fatback Band classic, I Found Lovin' but was also a good enough song in it's own right to rise above the criticism.

The flip side featured another great song which became a funk floor favourite. Party Freak is another song that is heavily influenced by various songs. The rap section owes much to the Cameo classic, She's Strange, but then, since it's Larry Blackmon producing and it's his rap I guess it's OK. Party Freak is given the remix treatment by The Latin Rascals who are an 80's favourite of mine. Always lots of extra, added percussion.

It's Just A Dream should have been called It's A Nightmare. Really not my cup of tea, even if I were dieing of thirst?

  • Mine All Mine
  • Party Freak (Latin Rascals Edit)
  • It's Just A Dream
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