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Soul Family Sensation - I Don't Even Know... 1990

One Little Indian Records 42 TP 12

In 1989 Johnny Male teamed up with Guy Batson and Jhelisa Anderson to begin the project Soul Family Sensation. Their debut album 'New Wave' was praised by the UK media as was the single, I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby. Despite interest from the style press and radio play for '...Baby', SFS bombed. Too white for the dance kids, too black for the indie kids, SFS were stuck in a sort of no-mans land in-between.

Their second LP, Burger Habit, recorded without Jhelisa under the band name of Sensation, disappeared without a trace and the band split. Male - after reputedly writing songs for Jimmy Nail - turned up next in Republica.

Jhelisa Anderson has become an accomplished solo artist singing, writing & producing under her first name Jhelisa. She has made two albums and struck gold with Friendly Pressure. Her sister is P.Y. or Pamela Anderson (No, not that one.) who sang with D*Note and Incognito and of course, her cousin is Carleen Anderson, daughter of Vicki Anderson & Bobby Byrd.

I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby failed to gain it's deserved acclaim, probably because the artist and title are far too long. It was re-released in 1991 and spent 4 weeks, reaching the dizzy heights of #49 in the UK Charts. I love this song, both versions here are absolutely sublime. Don't be misled by the alternate title, it's another version of ...Baby but the other track, Beat Author, it's probably a good indication of what the album is about?
I've included BadBoy's video so you can hear the song.

  • I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby
  • Beat Author (Howl Mix)
  • I Could Read All The Letters (The Karen Carpenter Late Night Mix)
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