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Alyson Williams - I Need Your Lovin' 1989

Def Jam Records 655143 6

Alyson Williams, daughter of the jazz bandleader and trumpet player Bobby Booker, had sung background vocals for various artists including, Curtis Hairston, Melba Moore, B. B. & Q. Band, Cashflow, Unlimited Touch, Bobby Brown and Barbara Mitchell. She joined High Fashion with Meli'sa Morgan in 1980. The group, which also included Eric McClinton, was put together by Jacques Fred Petrus in New York. They had a couple of albums with some success until Morgan left the band in 1983.

After they disbanded, Williams sang on Please Don't Break My Heart by The Affair in 1985 before moving onto a solo career. Her first single, Yes We Can Can, was first released on Profile Records in 1986 but it was when she joined the Def Jam label in 1987 that she found prominence.

She established herself as an in demand vocalist, duetting with many of her label mates including Chuck Stanley, Make You Mine Tonight (included on this release) and Oran "Juice" Jones on How To Love Again.

She was the first R&B female singer signed to Def Jam, where she released her debut Raw in 1989. The album produced the singles My Love is So Raw, featuring female rapper Nikki D, and Sleep Talk. I Need Your Lovin' was remixed by Soul II Soul's Jazzie B and reached #8 in the UK Top 40.

My Love is So Raw, is remixed here by Dave Dorrell & CJ Mackintosh who were popular at the time as MARRS with their hit Pump Up The Volume. The Baby Love Mix which I expected to be dance fodder is actually well handled and definitely worth a listen.

  • I Need Your Lovin' (Extended Remix)
  • Make You Mine Tonight
  • My Love Is So Raw (Baby Love Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
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