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Kool & The Gang - Raindrops 1989

Mercury Records MERCD 293

Formed by Robert "Kool" Bell, his brother Ronald Bell in New Jersey, Kool & the Gang played jazz before discovering funk alongside the likes of Sly & the Family Stone and James Brown. They were signed by the De-Lite label in the early 70s and exploded in 1974 with Jungle Boogie. However, as quickly as they rode to fame, Kool & the Gang faded.

In 1979 they brought in J.T. Taylor and pop/jazz producer Eumir Deodato for another try, an album called Ladies Night. The title track and the midtempo Too Hot were the beginning of a string of top 10 pop and soul hits for the group that would make Kool & the Gang the top selling soul group of the 80s. Ladies Night was followed by the even bigger Celebration, the joyous title cut of which became the lynch pin of every wedding and birthday party ever since. The infectiousness of their music often went to the extreme but for every Get Down On It there is a Summer Madness.

Deodato left as producer in 1983 and J.T.Taylor left the group in 1987 to pursue a brief but modestly successful solo career (he had one major hit with All I Want Is Forever, a duet with Regina Belle, and a couple of dancefloor grooves, Long Hot Summer and Feel The Need in 1991).

This single release, Raindrops, came out in 1989. It's written and produced by Chuckii Booker with a 12" Remix created by the mighty Blaze. The extra track is an instrumental mix of Amore, Amore, penned by Denise Rich & Randy Edelman and produced by Bell under his pseudonym of Khalis Bayyan. I've not come across a vocal mix but suspect it would be pretty good.

Along with the uncertainty of the group, who had lost two original members after Taylor left, their finances went into meltdown. If this release had become a hit there would probably have been an album in this style but there are many other talents from this era with K&TG connections.

The group kept going but never had another chart hit. They spent the next decade on the oldies circuit, Taylor rejoined for a 1996 reunion tour and the album State of Affairs, which was ignored by both Pop and Soul radio.

  • Raindrops
  • Raindrops (12" Remix)
  • Amore, Amore (Instrumental)
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