Saturday, 6 October 2018

Alyson Williams - I Need Your Lovin' - (1989)

Def Jam Recordings ‎– 655143 2

Mick posted the 12" back in the day, but I have the CDS in all its 320 glory right here.

I won't rewrite the whole thing as he posted a lot of great info in his review so go peep the link above for more info on Alyson. 

The only difference between the two releases is this one contains a 7" edit of I Need your Lovin', wheras the 12" featured another track Make You Mine Tonight. Criminal really that this CD single is missing that - would it have hurt to have had four tracks? Ah well, them's the breaks!


I loved this track back then in '89 and still do. Jazzie B and Nellee Hooper as Soul II Soul were absolutely on fire at the time and bring their trademark UK street soul vibe to the track, really improving on the original. Dare I say it's the definitive version?

A small gripe though - I could never work out why it wasn't called Soul II Soul Mix rather than the vague names we got. Weird.

Anyway, enjoy this wicked lil' sexy ass tune. 

See you next time, soulistas!

  1. I Need Your Lovin' (7" Remix)
  2. I Need Your Lovin' (Extended Remix)
  3. My Love Is So Raw (Album Raw Mix)
Download: AW-INYL.7z | Filesize: 33.9MB


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  4. Hi Mickey P, Kymba...... I gotta ask cos if anyone has it you guys do?.... Funhill "Me My Turn" My collection needs this :D Thanks again for all the amazing music you help keep alive. Much love & respect.....


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