Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Closer Than Close - You Got A Hold On Me 1992

Slam Jam Records SLAM 3T

Closer Than Close featured the voice of Beverley Skeete, before she became the voice behind Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. Closer Than Close had some success with You Got A Hold On Me and A New Life, but it was only moderate success. They got involved in the production of other artists for a short time before disbanding the group.

Beverley Skeete is one of the UK's hardest working vocalists with commitment, enthusiasm and real passion. She is also one of the UK's most renowned background singers and has an awesome voice which will stir a touch of deja-vu in most people, since it has featured on more records than the average household has in its collection. One of my favourite performances is on Atmosfear's Xtra Special which can be found elsewhere on here and she is also Guilty by Perception which came as a surprise.

You Got A Hold On Me is written by Beverley Skeete, Hamilton, Coello & Allabaster but I know nothing of the other names and my lame research has turned up now't. I seem to recall Steve Hobbs writing about the group in Blues & Soul mag but my collection bit the dust in my last move (downsizing). Although the Blacksmith Remixes make this release interesting, I thought The Original Jam was strong enough to stand up under it's own power. The Brixton Club and Dub mixes have some dodgy breaks that had me checking the vinyl but I guess the Brixton Bass Mix is the main joint. Enjoy!

  • The Original Jam
  • Brixton Bass Mix
  • Brixton Club Mix
  • Brixton Dub Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Closer Than Close.rar Filesize: 42.54 MB


  1. Great, another nice vinyl that did found it's way to my crate back then (in sweetzerland ya know). So good good good to see this site alive agian, it brings back life.
    What i miss very much, is another lost vinyl from Yo Yo Honey, namely the 'Tosh UK Flavour Mix' of Groove On, that was on a UK Whitelabel, along with some Dj Pierre Mixes. I loved the Rough & Smooth of Beatz & Vocals. Can't loose Memory about thatone.

  2. Thanks for the props Pete, I don't know that white label, those mixes never made it to these ears. Anybody else got this?

    Mickey P. ;-)

  3. Glad to have you back Mickey P

    Frank Black

  4. Nice to come back Mike P, thank you for all.

    Kind regards

  5. I love Blacksmith remixes... I hope you will post some more nextly.
    Happy to see U back.

  6. I'll keep posting when I can. Everybody subscribe so you know when I post something. I have Caron Wheeler lined up, wish I had an A3 scanner though?
    Mick ;-)

  7. Great to see you posting again, Mickey.

    First time I came across the vocal talents of Beverley Skeete was on my well worn copy of Streetsounds 6!


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    All donations gratefully received. Mention The Soul Vendor if you can?

    Mickey P. ;-)

  10. 23 August 2011 at 04:27

    Dude!!! How ya doing?
    are you back in Blogosphere?

    Regards Nitro

    1. 7 October 2011 at 02:51

      Hey Nitro, I'm still alive and well but The Soul Vendor has ceased to be. Kinda hoping to resurrect it one day but I've lost touch with everybody. Hope you're well Dude, let me know where the party's at mate?:'(

  11. 28 February 2012 at 08:33

    Mickey P!!!

    I had tried resurrecting http://soul-vendor.blogspot.com/ in your honour. I didn't have a valid email address for you or anything.

    Anyway, I have started moving stuff over to Mediafire, as Megaupload has been closed by the FBI.

    Anyway, gimme a shout hon xxx


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