Thursday, 3 September 2009

D'Angelo - Brown Sugar - (1995)

Cooltempo Records 12COOLDJ 307

D'Angelo was a breath of fresh air in 1995. Known to his Mum as Michael Eugene Archer, he was hailed as America's R&B Jesus. His first two studio albums, Brown Sugar and Voodoo, have both been held in high esteem by artists and listeners alike. Singer, pianist, guitarist and songwriter D'Angelo is known for his production and songwriting talents as much as for his vocal abilities.

Brown Sugar (the album) was released in June of 1995. The album crept up on an unsuspecting public finally breaking with Lady in 1996. By that time the title track debut solo single from the debut solo album of the same name, and the follow up single, Cruisin', had both been played to death by the more discerning soulies in the know.

On this UK 12" it's between the Soul Inside 808 Mix and the Dime Bag Mix and as much as I want Carl McIntosh to be the best, I think the Dodge Soul Inside mix just takes it. I love Dodge City Productions but I expect a Loose Ends connection to be more soulful, either way there not much in it.

  • Brown Sugar (Soul Inside 808 Mix)
  • Brown Sugar (Dime Bag Mix)
  • Brown Sugar (Dollar Bag Mix)
  • Brown Sugar
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: D'Angelo 12.rar Filesize: 59.63 MB

Courtesy of Kymba and featuring an extra track but you still need the 12" for the Dime Bag Mix.

Kym says: I can't re-up the 12" in 320 as I don't have it. I am leaving Mick's write-up intact though for posterity. What I do have however is a nice clean high quality rip of the CDS. As with my other D'Angelo CDs this is in storage at the moment, so I can't rescan the artwork.

If any of the Soul Vendor fam can either rip the 12" or do us some fresh scans, I'd be greatly appreciative.

  1. Brown Sugar (Radio Mix) 
  2. Brown Sugar (Soul Inside 808 Mix) 
  3. Brown Sugar (Dollar Bag Mix) 
  4. When We Get By 
The Download Link is here: Download  Filesize: 41.782MB


  1. Thank You, Mr. Mickey P!
    This is just what I'm looking for!(Soul Inside 808)
    But, still missing CJ Mackintosh Remix(Very Rare).
    Anyway, great post!!

  2. Larry DJ_Brazil

    Thanx Mickey P! the remixes are great, I´ve neva heard it before, but I realize that you are having problems with vinyl rips, please email me I have some tips for U.

  3. I've already fix the problem on around 17 second in Soul Inside Mix by using copy & paste.

  4. Hey great blog here!
    visit also

  5. Sorry Jaybilla, I thought that was clean. Is there more skips than Tosh mentioned?

    Tosh, can you upload your 'fixed' Soul Inside mix please, I will add it and re-upload. :-(


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