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Mary J. Blige - Real Love (YD Remixes) 1992

MCA Records MCSTD 1721

Todays post comes courtesy of my main man Sasha:

"I have the 12" back home in Australia but have just found it on CD Single. It was released in the UK in 1992 and the mixes are definitely as good as I remembered. Check out Track 3 and Track 4 for some really special and soulful mixes.
p.s. I have also included some of the other Blacksmith remixes that were on a 1993 UK 12" of Real Love, that someone sent me - vinyl rip. Cheers, Sasha"
A quick summary then, Real Love came out on 25th August 1992, the second release lifted from her excellent début album, What's the 411? It boasts executive production by Sean 'Puffy' Combs and is written and produced by Mark C. Rooney and Mark Morales (again). The track is built on a drum sample from Audio Two's 1988 classic, Top Billin'. The Hip Hop Mix by Bad Boy Ent. features a sample of Betty Wright's 1972 single, Clean-Up Woman and the first appearance of The Notorious B.I.G., then going by the name Big E. Smalls. The vinyl has the Hip Hop Club mix which much the same but without the acappella intro.

Then they brought out the UK Remix 12" which added '2 Special Mixes By The Young Disciples' and suddenly we have something to talk about. This is The Soul Vendor blog, we aren't interested in simply Classic Soul & R&B that everybody has in their collection. We try to target the long forgotten obscure and unusual mixes that you can't find. I think this fits the bill. Femi Fem of The Young Disciples on the controls and incorporating the services of Mad Marco, Phil Linton, Incognito's Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick on guitar and Omar Lye-Fook on keyboards. The Fresh 'N Funky Mix is my fav but The Talkin' Love Mix is just as good.

In the bonus collection you will find the 1993 MCA Records release on MCSX 1922. There were two 12"s with the same serial number (as with this 1992 12"). One featuredthe Phat Mix built on the Roy Ayers 'Love Will Bring Us Back Together' mentioned by Tosh. The other, absolute clincher here, featured the two Blacksmith mixes, the Brixton Flavour 12" and the Blacksmith's Summer Sound 12" both mixed by The Funk Mob with a rap by Sniper.

The Uptown 411 Remix featuring Biggie's rap and an introduction by Puffy, is the Hip Hop Mix with the intro changed. I'm not sure as to what release it is from?

  • Album Version
  • Hip Hop Mix
  • The Fresh 'N Funky Mix
  • The Talkin' Love Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Real Love (Mixes).zip  Filesize: 59.25 MB


  1. Dope. Dope. D-O-P-E. Dope!

    (also, thanks!!)

  2. the "Phat Mix" is obscenely good.

  3. Awesome!!!!!
    Thank you all.

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  4. Thanks so much for these mixes! You're the best!

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  6. Thank you, Mr. Mickey P!
    My first time to listen The Fresh 'N Funky Mix & The Talkin' Love Mix.
    Not bad!

  7. Appreciate the good tunes Mickey!!

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  9. used to have these mixes on CD...played it to death, wish i knew where it was now!

    1. I never got the Real Love CDS at the time - I was too in love with the album version & Hiphop remix, both of which I thought was perfect! With old(er) age has come an appreciation of the different versions.

      I'll post the Reminisce mixes in the next few days.

      Incidentally, please tell me I'm not the only one who thought Changes I've Been Going Through was the best track on What's The 411..?

  10. Just re-upping this classic post from Mick. :)

  11. "Wait a minute what about my honey Mary
    The jeans they fittin like a glove
    I had a crush on you since Real Love"

    PS don't no one start a war for me biting on my boy biggies lyrics !!!! LoL :)

    1. I thought you hated him, Tupac! ;)

  12. I lied ... am secretly his biggest fan !!! LOL.

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