Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Brand New Heavies - The Ticket E.P. 1994

The Ticket Cassette 1

So, what can I tell you? The Ticket was a magazine that appeared on the bookshelves in London for a very brief spell before disappearing into magazine oblivion. It was quite a classy mag but amidst the glut of club lifestyle mags on the shelves at the time, it found no interest. I was lucky enough to spot the Brand New Heavies cassette stuck to the front and that was it.

To my knowledge these tracks, all written and produced by BNH, have not turned up anywhere else since BUT... I'm no expert on The Heavies. Touch Of Your Love and Keep Together were recorded at RAK in London, while Country Funkin' and Acid One were recorded in Hollywood Sounds, LA in August & September 1993. Enjoy!

  • Touch Of Your Love
  • Country Funkin'
  • Keep Together
  • Acid One
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: The
Filesize: 27.44 MB

Sorry about the cover scan, it's in good condition but the scan is nasty?
I have included CD sized cover art in the rar.


  1. Great post Mickey... I never heard these tracks before.

  2. I know at least that Country Funkin' was on a BNH compilation, as I remember hearing it from something I downloaded. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Bill from Illinois4:55 pm, January 06, 2009

    Mickey -- Thanks so much for this one; what a rare find! "Touch of Your Love" is especially fresh. I can fill in a little more info on "Keep Together": it did turn up on the "Brother Sister" album in 1994, but the album version had N'Dea Davenport instead of Jan Kincaid on lead vocal. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Another great post from my man Mickey !!!!

  5. Thanks Mick!!!

    WOW. A lot of great stuff here. I gotta lotta catching up to do :P

  6. Another BIG gem from Mickey. Thanks

  7. What a find! I'd like to get these in wav format. I believe I have all BNH non-album tracks except the two on this tape. I could send you some other rare BNH stuff in return. You can find my e-mail from my blog:

  8. Thanks for the re-up and the share - great grooves - having found this blog - my appreciation for our homegrown cats is growing & growing - keep up the great work. Peace. J

  9. Thanks for this. Never knew this existed


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