Monday, 4 May 2009

Steinski & Mass Media - We'll Be Right Back 1986

4th & Broadway Records 12 BRWX 59

"We'll be right back after this word from our sponsor."
Only the mind of Steve Stein could come up with this gem. OK, it's not soul but it is an important sidebar in the colourful tomes of Soul & Dance history. After the legend that was Double Dee & Steinski, this could only be an anti-climax but in true Steinski style, it disappointed with pure genius.

Mr. 'Mastercuts' himself, the one and only, Ian Dewhirst tried hard with the remix but there is little that can be done with this piece of cut 'n' paste tomfoolery. Find it on YouTube, enjoy it for what it is, a tip of the hat to a true Americanism.

Why is it in demand, well check out the Acappella Bonus Voices.

  • Hard Sell Mix
  • Acappella Bonus Voices
  • Hard Sell Dub
  • Re-Edit
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Steinski.rar Filesize: 35.77 MB


  1. Hi Mickey.

    I've 'silently'followed your posts for some time and was close to tears (well, not quite but you know what I mean!)when the original site went down. Glad your back up and look forward to a summer of soulful posts.

    BTW - Nice Steinski post. I think I've got another track (The Motorcade Sped On)on a 7" that came with an old issue of the NME. Will have to dig that out.


  2. Thanks Paul, glad you're back. Click on the Steinski link for your 7".

    Mickey P. ;-)

  3. Sorry Guys, I'll be back soon.

    Where's Kymba, you gone quiet Honey. You on vacation? ;-)

  4. can you reupload 'We'll Be Right Back'


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