Monday, 7 May 2018

SWV - Anything (1994)

Once upon a time, a very wise lady (well, okay, not that wise, as it was actually me) said "we're all about the continuity here on The Soul Vendor", so, with that in mind, to follow on from Mickey's SWV Downtown post which mentions the excellent remix of Anything, I figured I'd post... the excellent remix of Anything.
The album mix of Anything on It's About Time never really did much for me; it was nice enough, just not as good as some of the other tracks, so I wasn't exactly that worried about it getting a single release... until I heard the remix, that is...
Draft in Allstar (Allen Gordon Jr) to provide a beefed up vibe for the track, with funky block-party style beats and a loop (and horns) sampled from disco-funk classic "Get Up and Dance" by Freedom, bring in Joe on backing vocals, and top it off with the biggest thing to happen to hiphop in the 90's (or, arguably, since), the Wu-Tang Clan (or at least members ODB, Meth & U-God) to drop a funky rhyme to round it out, and you have something seriously big on your hands.
This is a booty-shakin', hands in the air party jam of the highest order - and to think it was a slow-jam on the album.
The CD Single contains a slightly remixed album version (with a naughty sample of Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing drums laced underneath), and an instrumental of the album version, but it really is all about the Old Skool Mix, as mentioned above. It's a killer! There's also an Old Skool Party Mix, which is similar, but has various vocals and beats dropping in and out - almost in a dub style - it's not bad, and might be handy for mixing, but stick with track one for the full flava is the advice from yours truly.
- Kymba :)
PS - Sorry about the CD scan - it didn't come out at all well
  • Anything (Old Skool Mix featuring Wu-Tang Clan)
  • Anything (Album Remix)
  • Anything (Old Skool Party Mix)
  • Anything (Album Instrumental)


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