Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Steven Simmonds - Tears Never Dry (1998)

Rhythm Series – CDRHYTHM 14, Parlophone – 7243 8 86116 2 6

Wow. This is such a sexy track.

You get the impression that poor Steve had been dumped by his woman when these tracks were recorded. He's really taking it hard, and beating himself up for having screwed up.

Still, his pain seems to make for good music, and so we have the tracks Tears Never Dry featuring popular Swedish singer Lisa Nilsson and One, which is track two (heh). Tears Never Dry is a catchy, nice little slice of pop soul. One is a man vs piano slow jam of repentance that's a little too self absorbed for me.

No disrespect to tracks one and two, but head straight into track three, the Soul Inside Mix. It's perfect. Dodge brings something really special to the table, and turns a good song into a f***ing great one. Better bassline, better beat, and you've got to love that mournful guitar. It's wicked. I'm sure that's Ronnie Jordan, considering his ties with the DCP boys, but he's not credited. Anyway, this remix really brings the track to seductive, moody life, and is so good that I only ever listen to this and not the original.

Stephen Simmonds, big up your naughty, got caught cheating behind your girls back, chest.

By the way,his album Spirit Tales, which is the only other release I have by him, is excellent, and comes highly recommended by me.
Here's an artist bio stolen from LastFM: STEPHEN SIMMONDS is a Swedish Alternative Soul recording artist, son of a Jamaican musician Father and Swedish Mother was raised in the south of Stockholm, the United States and Israel. 
After completing a high-school education at the Stockholm music school Södra Latin, Swedish producer Peter Cartriers heard of Stephens talent in 1995 and invited him to his studio in Stockholm where they made a demo that first attracted the attention of a Swedish indie label and then secured a record deal with the UK major label Parlophone/EMI Music as well as Priority Records in the US. Stephen wrote and Peter produced Stephens first critically acclaimed and 5 times Grammy nominated album “Alone” (the album was re-mixed and re-named “Spirit Tales” for his UK and US release) and Stephen Simmonds had his breakthrough in 1997 with the hit “Tears Never Dry” a duet with Swedish superstar Lisa Nilsson that quickly became the most played track on radio that year.
Since then his talent has brought him to the US and the UK where he has collaborated with renowned artists such as Raphael Saadiq, Masters At Work and Mica Paris. His US release “Spirit Tales” was highly recommended by Prince and the New Power Generation on their official website.
He has performed for Stevie Wonder and Amnesty and he is the only Swedish artist who has been reviewed in the Quincy Jones founded Soul and R&B bible Vibe Magazine.
PS - I think there are some other mixes of this floating around, which I've never heard, so if you have these, why not share the love with us?

  • Tears Never Dry
  • One
  • Tears Never Dry (Soul Inside Mix)

The Download Link is here: Tears Never | Filesize: 37.68MB


  1. WOW .. tune .. Never heard this before - propa loving the tune - THANKS A mill Kay Bee. .... this has gone very nicely with my Dre Beats ive got 4 me bday !!

  2. Happy birthday! Glad you dig the tune. Dodge kills it, doesn't he? :)

  3. i love it soul mix. awesome thanks

    1. Yeah, it's on a whole 'nother level to the original. Really glad you dig it. :)

  4. Hi Kay Bee. One singer that should of been bigger than he was is this man. He did get some push in the States from his first album. He has done a further 2 albums but i have never heard them. The only remix i heard to a track was get down remix which was pretty good. Thanks for the drop Kay Bee.

    1. Agreed! Massively slept on. A few days ago I got hold of Spirit Tales, his US release, which featured the regular version of this track. Very sophisticated, soulful music.. and I'd recommend it to any Soul peeps out there. I'd like to hear more Dodge produced stuff though. Interestingly, in the booklet for the Dodge City Productions CD, there's a photo of Stephen among the collage of their friends, so theremust be a reasonably strong link?


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