Friday, 8 June 2012

Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth (1992)

Sony Soho Square Records 659578 2

Take one white boy. Give him horns. Yeah, horns. Really though. And the funk. And some seriously fresh dance moves. Hey presto, you have one Jay Kay.

Back in the day, young Jay Kay was quite an angry young man, or had ingeniously spotted a gap in the market for funky 70's throwback protest songs... but you can be the judge of his artistic integrity; I'm not quite sure how worried about the environment you can truly be whilst being a complete petrol-head and owning about three hundred and ninety seven sports cars, then again, the sentiment seems heartfelt enough.

Still, whatever you make of the man, you can't deny the body of work of his band, especially albums one and three (Emergency On Planet Earth and Travelling Without Moving); I'd call them both funk/soul masterpieces.

This then was the title track of his first album. It's one of the best songs among a bunch of excellent songs if you aks me. To my mind you can't go wrong with lush string arrangements over wah-wah guitars, horn sections and funky slap bass. Add in some well written socially conscious lyrics that pick up the baton from Marvin Gaye in the What's Going On/Mercy Mercy Me era and you have an instant classic.

In addition to the Extended Version, which is the choicest cut, there is an edit. But aside from the Extended version, the hidden gem here is an Acoustic Version of If I Like It , I Do It, one of my fave non single releases from the same album, which is fabulous and a real treat, with Jay Kay enjoying a couple of almost Minnie Riperton-esque falsetto moments. Check it.

There's also a demo version of Revolution 1993 which ain't bad, but if pushed, I'd say get straight onto Emergency On Planet Earth (Extended Version) and If I Like It , I Do It (Acoustic).

So then, grab this slice of Jamiroquai before they went all dance/disco and lost their jazz/funk vibe.
  • Emergency On Planet Earth
  • Emergency On Planet Earth (Extended Version)
  • If I Like It , I Do It (Acoustic Version)
  • Revolution 1993 (Demo)

Download here: Emergency On Planet - Filesize: 45.33MB


  1. I have this CDS too.

    Great stuff Kymba!

  2. Yeah, the early Jamiroquai singles were a treasure trove of alternate versions and live tracks. Really good stuff. :)

    There's a ten minute long version of Too Young To Die on that CDS! That's a good four or five minutes longer than the album cut. Very nice!

    I have every CDS from that era apart from Blow Your Mind (can anybody help on that??), and I'll be posting them all on here in the coming weeks/months.

  3. he is a king of acid jazz.main song sounds like a chic,which is disco/funk style.thanks for good music.

    1. Comparing anyone to Chic is high praise indeed for me! :)

  4. is this blog dead?.....bit slow on the uploads!...

    1. Quality over quantity!

      Mick and I both have lives, but we post one, sometimes two, releases per week.

      Sometimes it's even more. Sometimes it's less.

      Them's the breaks.

    2. Or ya could track down & buy the singles yourself and stop bitching?

  5. The acoustic version of "If I Like It, I Do It" was recorded and broadcast live - in one take! - on MTV (presuambly in the Camden studio). It is a fantastic version and I still have it on VHS. I was so pleased when they released the audio track on a CD.

    The studio versions are great too, the string arrangement make it sound like one of those incredible Larry/Fonce Mizell productions from the early '70s (Johnny Hammond, Donald Byrd)


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