Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dodge City Productions - The Clarity EP (1992)

4th & Broadway Records BRCD 231 - 886 397-2

Strange name, the Clarity EP. Containing two versions of The Road In Front Of Me, you'd have thought it would be better nomenclature to call it The Road In Front Of Me EP. The Clarity part comes from the new mix of The Road In Front Of Me, as opposed to the Black Mix which was found on the album, and part of the chorus I guess.

Anyway, I've already told you all about the DCP boys here, so to the tracks themselves.

I have problems picking out what version I prefer as I like them both; I think The Clarity Edit just edges it as the drums seem a bit tighter, but there's not a lot in it. What do you think?? It's backed up by two solid cuts from the album: Ain't Going For That (actually a sequel to the album cut) & The Slow Jam which is a gorgeous jazzy cut that slinks its way under your skin, and features... yeah, you guessed it, our man Ronnie Jordan on guitar.

All in all, a quality release.

  • The Road In Front Of Me (The Clarity Edit)
  • The Road In Front Of Me (The Black Mix)
  • Ain't Going For That (Part 2 '92)
  • The Slow Jam

Download here: The Clarity | Filesize: 47.2MB


  1. Hi great blog.....this link is dead any chance of a reup....thanks and keep up the great work ..peace!

  2. I've just checked and there seems to be a problem with Mediafire - all the .ZIPs are still showing as alive and active on my account, but it's throwing up an error when you try and download. Weird. I'll look into it.

  3. This is an awesome release Kymba and I am so frickin' pleased to get a CD copy to replace my crunchy vinyl. Totally agree with your choices Kymmi except for me it's all about 'The Slow Jam' and the title track was just a bonus. Steve Hobbs put me onto this as I recall and it became a mix tape favourite. ;-)

    1. I really didn't want to step on your toes after you'd recorded the vinyl!! I felt bad even telling you I had the CD all primed to go! Maybe I'll make draft posts of all my upcoming/imminent posts so you can see where I'm at?

      Hope you're okay, mister P? :)

  4. Don't be daft Kym, quality is quality. No point messing around with vinyl when there's a CD?


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