Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tom Browne - Funkin' For Jamaica (1991)

BMG/Arista Records 664 998

Funkin' For Jamaica by jazz trumpeteer Tom Browne is a legendary track from 1980 that really needs no introduction, so I'll dispense with the usual description on this one. You know it, and, if you have a pair of ears that work properly, you probably love it. It was a top ten hit in the UK, and spent four weeks at numero uno on the US R&B chart.

Now Funkin' For Jamaica did not need a remix, as it still sounds fantastic to this day, but eleven years after it first came out, in 1991 that's exactly what it got. Thankfully, the remix was quality. None other than Drizabone on the lick, and, oh my god, I do actually prefer it. It's not a heavy handed hatchet job, it's a sophisticated update that keeps close to the original vibe.

There's a 7", a 12" (Clearly the best one) and a slightly more stripped down Jam Dub Mix. However, if you should find it heresy like I perhaps should, you can find the original version on this CD, too.

What a wicked release this was/is, and it is still incredibly hard to beat as a Summer vibe party song.

Despite the colours used for the front cover of this single, I'd always assumed the track was dedicated to Jamaica, Queens in New York, seeing as Tom is American, and this ain't no reggae track!

  • Funkin' For Jamaica (1991 7" Remix)
  • Funkin' For Jamaica (1991 12" Remix)
  • Funkin' For Jamaica (Original)
  • Funkin' For Jamaica (1991 Jam Dub Mix)

The Download Link is here: Funkin For Jamica | Filesize: 46.63MB


  1. thanks for great music and information!

  2. I remember this as well as I am sure there was another version of Funkin of Jamacia by somebody else that came out near enough the same time which was really poor...

  3. Hmmm.. I don't recall that one. I know NWA used the trumpet at the start for a track on their efiL4zaggiN LP...

  4. When I was working in the record shop we sold this one rather than the other version (which I am sure a uk outfit sung it. I am sure there faces are on the 12")because it was the better mix and it had the original piece. Frank

  5. Good find! Don't remember this version at all.
    "I do actually prefer it." That's a BIG comment to make if you're saying you prefer this to the Tom Browne original?!

  6. Yeah, I felt bad just typing that! I think it's because the drums are a little bit more interesting to me (I think I hear the Scorpio bongos breakbeat in there too), but the whole track is very respectful to a brilliant original.

    I do love that original version though, and you're quite right to pull me up on such a statement! :)

  7. Thank you for this. Based on your review alone I had to DL and check it out. I did end up liking the 7 inch version too, myself!

  8. This is one of the best grooves of all time

  9. For the record Kymba, the original track was entitled:

    "Funkin' For Jamaica (N,Y,)"

  10. Wouldn't mind hearing this remix but its already dead?


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