Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dodge City Productions - As Long As We're Around (1992)

4th & Broadway Records - BRCD 261

Combining an authentic jazzy Hip-Hop swagger with a sophisticated soulful knowhow and bringing it to everything they touched, DJ Dodge and IG Culture were two of my favourite producers back in the day. A regrettably short-lived career as a duo in their own right saw them release an EP, a couple of singles and an LP, Steppin' Up & Out, and go on to remix anybody who mattered, infusing any artist with their trademark classy urban sound.

Steppin' Up & Out is a great album, but I always felt it leant a little too heavily towards Hip-Hop, and could have done with a couple more tracks like As Long As We're Around to make it truly fly, as it was clearly the stand-out track. Feels a little weird me saying that, being the Hip-Hop fan that I am, but I can only speak the truth.

Both Dodge and IG have enjoyed hugely successful solo careers since disbanding DCP and are still very much involved in the music scene. Here's some further reading on on our dynamic duo:

Onto this release, featuring the talented vocalist Ghida De Palma singing her ass off, and the mighty Ronnie Jordan on guitar (no wonder it sounds so great), the LP Edit is a nice enough shortening of a brilliant track, but it saddens me there is no extended version of it, or even just the  full LP version, on this CD (so I've included the full album track in the .ZIP download to make up for that fact. Never say I don't look after you). Why only feature a shortened version of the reason you're buying the single for in the first place?? It doesn't make sense.

The script gets flipped in a harder take on the track in the Say You Hear Dis Mix; Ghida's vocals are re-sung in a more aggressive fashion, the beat is considerably harder; and it sounds a lot better today than I remember from the time when all I cared about was the original/LP version that was getting heavy rotation. Really good stuff. The Dub Dance version is effectively the LP mix minus pieces of the chorus, but is otherwise a minor variation on the original mix.

Rounding it out is the Whistle Mix of Young Life, which is a nice early 90s slice of jazzy Hip-Hop which, if, like me, you're into bands like A Tribe Called Quest or De La Soul will appeal to you.

Enjoy this, coz it's another classic.

  • As Long As We're Around (LP Edit)
  • As Long As We're Around (Say You Hear Dis Mix)
  • As Long As We're Around (Dub Dance)
  • Young Life (Whistle Mix)
  • Bonus: As Long As We're Around (LP Version)

The Download Link is here: DCP - as | Filesize: 52.48MB


  1. Great post Kymba, did they do another 12" with Guida De Palma coz I believe I have one and this doesn't seem to be the one. Don't recall this tune and, since its way cool, I think I would?

    1. You should!

      I've got the Clarity EP which I'll post, but that's a rap tune. More silky soul from the boys would be good.

  2. Lovely post. Thank you. From this to broken beat... What a path

    1. It's a proper tune this one. :)

  3. According to my Mediafire account, this has had 60 downloads at the time of writing this, and only five comments - three of them from me. *sigh*

  4. Just bought their LP blind for $3.00 on eBay, it's sick. Just trying to see what else these guys have out there. Thanks!

    1. Now this is the sort of comment I love. It's a great LP isn't it?

    2. I've just put up The Clarity EP. :)


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