Sunday, 29 April 2012

M-Beat featuring Jamiroquai - Do U Know Where You're Coming From (1996)

Renk Records, CDRENK63

I dug this one out especially for Mickey, whom I know is something of a Jamiroquai fan.

Back in 1996, seemingly from out of nowhere, a weird collaboration happened. M-Beat (a guy best known for the jungle track Incredible with General Levy) made a funky slice of Drum & Bass with perennial Acid jazz faves Jamiroquai.

Like I said, weird.

However, the results were most definitely not weird. Anything but, in fact. The combination of D&B tempo drums and 70’s funk permeating this track (you’ve got to love those wah-wah guitars) work very well indeed alongside Jay Kay's always catchy vocals, giving Jamiroquai one of their punchier, funkier moments. This is proper future funk.

There are several versions, with not a great deal to pick from between them, but I always err on the side of the Extended Mix, which kicks some serious bootie (and has more wah-wah's and vibes).

Essential stuff!

An edit of this track made its way onto certain editions of the Travelling Without Moving CD as an unheralded bonus track.

PS - Stop the press... I've just added a second DL link containing the vinyl only Jumping Jack Frost remix, which is highly chilled full D&B version. Well worth adding to your collection.

  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Original Mix)
  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Touch Of Horn Mix)
  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Extended Mix)
  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Full Horns Mix)
  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Intelligent Groove Mix)
  • Do U Know Where You're Coming From (Dextrous Remix)

The Download Link is here: Do U Know Where You're Coming

Filename: Do U Know Where You're Coming File size: 37.5 MB

Don't forget to download the Jumping Jack Frost Remix as well.

Triviality: The tracklisting differs slightly between the back of the inlay card (displayed above, and which I've included in the .ZIP file), and the folded "lip" part of the inlay card. Have a look and see what I mean. I've gone with the ones listed above, but you might want to amend the track names if you feel I should have gone for the others.


  1. Hey Kay! thanks for all your uloads!! can you send me Lynden David Hall - Forgive Me (UK 12") dark dub in wav? thank you in advance!!

  2. I will get the Lynden Davd Hall Forgive Me 12" re-ripped (the original rip was in mono, thanks to my useless USB turntable) in stereo and posted on here again ASAP. Give me a few days though, as I will need to hunt my vinyl down again. :)

  3. Nice post Kymba, JK is way cool. As for Mr Hall, I have the Forgive Me mixes with Artful Dodger's Dark Dub in 192khp mp3 format. I must check that they are stereo? ;-)

  4. It's about time you showed up, Mr Mickey P. :)

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  6. Here's an extra track,
    Do You Know... (Hands In The Air Mix), not as good, just a bit of variety.

    New Link

  7. I've just added the JJ Frost remix to the post - well worth getting.

  8. Thank You so much for this :)


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