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Guy - D-O-G Me Out Mixes (1991) US Maxi Single

MCA Records/Uptown Records MCADS 54151

I make no secret of the fact I Love Teddy Riley and Guy.

Formed in Harlem back in 1988 By Riley and close friend Timmy Gatling, and joined shortly thereafter by Charlie Wilson sound-a-like lead vocalist Aaron "Nasty Man" Hall, Guy's first, self-titled album was a huge hit state-side and went triple platinum. The line-up would change shortly after when Gatling left and dancer Damian "Crazy Legs" Hall filled in the gap.

When they dropped their second album, The Future, in 1990 it flipped my head it was so good. There were a rash of killer singles released including "Her", "Do Me Right", "Teddy's Jam 2", "Wanna Get With You", "Let's Chill", "D.O.G. Me Out" and "Let's Stay Together". (I'll be posting some of these over the next few weeks.)

Back in the day I had a VHS tape of some of Guy's videos which came out on the back of The Future's success. The video for D.O.G Me Out contained a version of the track that wasn't on the album or even any of the the CD Singles that got released in the UK. It had the funk cranked way up to eleven, had a slammin' beat and featured Aqil "A+" Davidson from Wrecks-N-Effect dropping a dope verse - anyway, after a lot of searching in vain on my part (these were the days before the internet) I managed to track it down when it finally got released UK side on Mastercuts New Jack Swing Vol.3.

Here's that very video:

It's superior in every way to all the other mixes, and is, of course, the Single Edit with Rap, which is a shortened version of the Wrecks-N-Effect Rap mix, contained here along with an Instrumental. Also on the single is a slightly different edit of the album track (Single Edit), an extended version of the album track in the Canine Club Mix, as well as the Dogapella, which might come in useful for your own mixes. There's also a "Dub" Mix by Mike Nice.

All in all, it's a really nice release, and a little reminder of just how dope Teddy & Guy were in their prime. Not that we should need a reminder.

Note: I think the track should actually be named D.O.G Me Out rather than D-O-G Me Out, but I've gone with what's on the CD single. Plus using full stops/periods can mess up windows file extensions. 

As usual these are high quality rips (320KBPS), with high def artwork scans. Enjoy.

  • D-O-G Me Out (Single Edit)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Single Edit With Rap)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Canine Club Version)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Wrecks N Effect Rap)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Dogapella)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Wrecks N Effectsrumental)
  • D-O-G Me Out (Mike Nice Dub Mix)
The Download Link is here: D-O-G Me Filesize: 55MB


  1. That mix actually got realsed on a b side tune in the uk. I think it was 'Her' uk 12".

    1. Just looked it up - it was on the Do Me Right 12" - I've got the CD single, and it's the Canine Club Mix on there.

  2. Nice info, WL - I have "Her" on CD single, two versions actually, one has slightly more housey vibes to it, so I missed that. Different mixes between the CD single and 12". Something I'm none too impressed with! :D

  3. thanks for this! been looking for teddy's remix!


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