Thursday, 18 October 2012

Joanna Law - First Time Ever (1990)

City Beat Records CBE 1252

Mick uploaded this gem back in 2008. I couldn't believe I'd found it after all this time, so I owe him big time for making it available to those of us who love good music.

Unlike the boss man, it was all about the Mellow Groove version for me, with its very cheeky sampling & reworking of the strangely groovy drums on Paul Simon's 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, although the Bumpy Mix (there's a slight skip five or six minutes in - sorry folks) is quality in its own right.

I should also mention that haunting acapella as used to absolutely devastating effect by Coldcut on their 70 Minutes of Madness mix, a CD which you really ought to own and marvel at.

Anyway, Here's what The Man had to say about it in his original post :
"Another gem engineered by Lee Hamblin. This cover of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, written by British folk singer, songwriter Ewan MacColl (Kirsty's Dad) and originally sung by Roberta Flack back in 1972. Produced and mixed by Simon 'The Funky Ginger' Law down at The Fallout Shelter in February 1990.

This song is all about the beautiful voice of Ms. Joanna Law, the voice behind many a hit. Simon A. Law, her brother I believe but cannot confirm, is also playing piano with the mighty James 'JTQ' Taylor on Hammond Organ and Ross Anderson on Bass. It includes the Acappella used on the legendary Coldcut - Journeys By DJ mix back in '95. My money goes on the superb Bumpy Mix, lay back, kick it and enjoy the ride. Just under 8 minutes of gently rolling groove with an angel singing on it."
  • First Time Ever (Mellow Groove)
  • First Time Ever (Bumpy Mix)
  • First Time Ever (Acapella)
The Download Link is here: Download

Filename: First Time 26.08MB


  1. I'm glad one of you has come back to this blog, hopefully Mickey will do the same with any luck too.

    Keep up the good work with the quality soulful posts, i loved this era of UK soul music :)

  2. New link again (sorry Kymba) with, hopefully, no skip Bumpy Mix. I believe it was a corrupt mp3. I saved as WAV and it played fine, converted to mp3 and it played fine. No editing, no re-recording so let me know what you get guys.

  3. Nice! Thanks, Mickey. I'll re-download when I get home and check it out.

  4. Absolute CLASSIC joint right here! If you don't know this one then hang your head in shame! :P

  5. first heard this played by andy pebbles when he was on radio 1, had no idea who sang it until toby walker of soul walking told link dont work..

  6. Hi Kymba

    Nice to see that this blog has risen from the ashes. I remember commenting on one of Mickey's first posts (a Loose Ends 12") and delving into subsequent posts like a child in a sweet shop. The music on here has helped while away many hours whilst commuting and when I should have been working!

    Keep it up.

    BTW-whilst I haven't got the full 12" of the Paul Johnson track you're after I have got it on a mix CD. Let me know if you would like it and I'll post a link.

  7. I'm looking for the original version of this track by any chance do you have a copy

  8. I'm quite fascinated with British Soul, Funk and R&B since some artists never reached American radio during the 80's-90's and beyond. I enjoy the fact that they're singles and remixes and welcome your return to support this blog with the great music you provide and by introducing the world to many of these artists!

  9. her other 12" release 'warm love' has a monster b-line.....shout if you ain't got it to post here. It will give me the inspiration to venture into me loft! Andrew Macey

  10. Andrew - I'll take you up on that when it's convenient for you! :)

    1. how could I get the mp3 either posted here or to you? I hope to get into the loft this weekend.

  11. 'Warm Love' can be found on the excellent Movin' On series on Rumour.Volume 2 (if I recall correctly) alongside Everis, Applemountain & Naked Funk and an interesting take on Kleeer's 'Imtimate Connection'.

  12. Absolutely sublime. Thank you for bring me back to the good times.


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