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Sly & Robbie - The Rhythm Killers E.P. 1987

4th & Broadway Promo BOOPS 1

This was a 'handout' at the annual DMC Convention in London 1987. To promote the Rhythm Killers album which was soon to be released. The notes on the 12" sleeve are rather misleading, suggesting that Fire is edited. Not so, Boops (Here To Go) would be the lead off single from the album. On the album, it's preceded by Fire, a cover of the Ohio Players 70's classic and followed by Let's Rock forming the 'so-called' 18 minute opus. Side A of this release is basically straight of the album.

C.J. (Christopher John) Mackintosh was born in Paris and raised in London. In 1987, he made a name for himself by winning the UK title in the DMC Mix Championship. Later that year he hooked up with Dave Dorrell and created the monster that was Pump Up The Volume but for now, Fourth & Broadway supplied him with the Sly & Robbie instrumentals and "C.J." Scratch was born. This is what it's all about, CJ doing what he does best.

The Boops part of "CJ" Scratch was remade and used as the official B-Side of the Boops (Here To Go) 12" release. This particular recording was never officially released though. Enjoy!

  • Fire
  • Boops (Here To Go)
  • Fire (Instrumental)
  • Boops (Instrumental)
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