Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sinclair - Ain't No Cassanova 1993

Dome Records CDDOME 1004

Mike Sinclair sprung onto the UK Soul scene in 1992, thanks to some great support from specialist radio. I Want You Back was the tune that launched him but it was this tune in 1993 that nailed his colours to the mast. Championed by the likes of Choice FM and Echoes, Ain't No Casanova was played by everyone everywhere. It was a great example of Brit Street Soul during that time and came very close to crossing over, denting the UK Top Twenty at #28 in September of '93.

Ain't No Casanova was written and produced by Dwayne Burke & William Flowers at Groove And A Quarter and the Groove Mix is also theirs. Groove And A Quarter released I Want You Back on their own label, G&Q Records. The third mix is the US Encore Remix by Ken 'Dr. Shaft' Kessie who worked on some Tony! Toni! Toné! releases. Back in the day it was all about the Groove mix but listening now, I'm liking Ken's mix which features a rap by Pepperhead.

For the real soul lovers out there (QS), check out It's Over. Penned by Mike himself and produced by Ashley Ingram who clearly has the silky touch required for the Quiet Storm genre. This is Sinclair at his best, a little slice of soul heaven, pure class!

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  1. 16 years ago!!!! I am getting to old for this Mickey... I didnt mind this when this came out but i still prefered ' I want you back' with its rolling baseline and Sinclair hitting the notes at the end.

    Good post though but can you stop putting the years up LOL!!!!!

  2. Hey - I've got "I Wanna Know Why" at home - shall I post?

  3. Hmmm, now let me think, erhm?

    OF course we want it bloody posted! I'm glad you got it Kym cos I never got the 12".

    There was an album in 1993 too, I missed out on that unfortunately but it's a classic! ;-)

  4. I'm with Frank on this one!

  5. I quite like getting old.

    I get to say all sorts of things to the gangs of yoots in my manor.

    "This grime rubbish - it's not like the quality dance music we had when I was your age. Why, we had Old Skool Ardcore, Jungle, and proper Trance; ambient music, not this cheesey Trance stuff you have these days..."

    And then I walk home with a black eye and report a mugging.

    Happy times! :)

  6. Dangerous ground when Mickey's in the room. You might find yourself discussing everything from Lethal Bizzle to Leadbelly. ;-D


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