Sunday, 29 April 2012

Nu Colours - What In The World / Greater Love - (1993)

Polydor/Wildcard, CARDD 4

I'm going to start this off with a complaint:


It's got classic stamped all over it, and, if only it had been supported and marketed it could well have made a decent splash on the pop charts, and seen the band get a bit more recognition than they did. It's an incredibly strong song, it's got beautifully sung vocals, and a nice, slinky, urban groove to it courtesy of producers par excellence Ethnic Boyz.

I honestly believe this is one of the UK's finest soul moments.

Not that there's anything wrong with the main track, What In the World. It's a really good guitar driven piece of soul, produced by a certain Robert Howard. I'm guessing it's the same Robert Howard (or "Dr. Robert") from The Blow Monkeys fame. Can anyone confirm? (edit: it IS Dr Robert - thanks, Frank!!) I always loved Wait his duet with my namesake, Kym Mazelle.

There's a third track (fourth, if you count the Greater Love Remix - more on that in a moment) called Want Your Love 2 B Mine, which is a perfectly decent backup track, but with such a good main track in What In The World, and an even better one as the "B-Side", if you will, in the shape of Greater Love, it's easily forgotten.

As mentioned, there's also an Ethnic Boyz remix of Greater Love, which is odd really, as they produced the original version, and it's fairly similar, just a touch more dubby. I prefer the original, but it's nice to have for completions sake.

So there you have it, one of my all-time favourite tracks, as a bloody B-Side! Amazing.

- Kymba :)
  • What In the World
  • Greater Love
  • Greater Love (Ethnic Boyz Remix)
  • Want Your Love 2 B Mine

The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: What In The File size: 25.1 MB (updated and now at 192kbps)


  1. Hi Mick... I am sure this 12" had to be posted sooner or later. Total banger. It is the one and only Robert Howard from the Blow Monkeys as well mate.

    Nice one!!!

  2. It's Kymberley actually, but you can call me Mick if you like - not sure the real Mick would approve, though.

    Thanks for the clarification on Dr Robert, Frank. I thought it must have been him, but wasn't 100% sure.

    Peace & luvizm,

    Kymba xxx

  3. Woo Hoo, Nice to have you back Honey, I was beginning to think I'd lost you?

    Oh my, what a comeback! Greater Love is without doubt, my favourite Nu Colours track, closely followed by Desire (Linslee Mix I think, although Ethnic Boyz done a cracker too) neither of which I can find in my collection at present.

    Always took it to be Dr Robert but I couldn't have confirmed it Frank. He was a quality soul man, although a bit of a poser? :-D

  4. You'd never lose me, I'm afraid you're stuck with me, mister. ;)

    Anyway, totally with you - Greater Love is their finest moment (one of the UKs finest soul moments too, in my humble opinion), and Desire (Linslee extended mix) comes second - in fact, regarding Desire, watch this space...

  5. Kymba - Apologies.. Too much of a rush to comment than read who posted it.

    Mick- Dr Bob quality songwriter and yes a bit of poser. But who wasnt it the 80's?

    I must say the jungle version to this was utter pants and thats being polite.

  6. I must point out here that Dr. Bob is Frank shortening Dr. Robert Howard's name and is in no way meant to imply that Dr. Bob Jones of Surgery fame is a poser.

    Of course, he could be... but I've never seen him doing it, so he can't be that good at it. Now remixing, and pickin' pucker platters to play, he's very good at that!

    Time to go. ;-)

  7. Dear Kymba:
    Thank you for share this CDS, to be honest it's the first time that i listen it and i agree with you, i prefer - Greater Love -, but to be sinceresly too, when i heard about "quality UK soul", i always think in the group Nine Yards and what a remixer (Jay Dee)can do for a mediocre track, and that's the example: -always find a way- absolutly dope!, with a touch of hiphop but soulful voices that make me crazy everytime i listen it.

    Kind regards

  8. Thanks, Ali - I'm downloading that as I type. I don't know the track, so i'm lookin' forward to hearing it!

    And I haven't forgot about making a new post for your brilliant Beverley Knight Made It Back CD's sweetie.

    I'll do that ASAP!

  9. Thanks for this. Greater Love is such a good track. I wish it had more of an intro/outro though. Maybe I'll get round to adding one myself one day !

    1. Pleasure. Maybe you can do something combining the main Greater Love with the remix? There's a lot in that remix that differs from the main version, and yet they're essentially the same instrumentation so you could make it pretty seamless.

      Give me a shout and I can post some lossless .WAV rips if that helps; but can I request two things from you? Get a proper ID so you're not anonymous, and, when you make your extended version, pass it over to us so we can share the love. :)


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