Monday, 6 April 2009

Nu Colours - Desire - (1996)

Polydor/Wildcard, LC0309

Well, Nu Colours have been well and truly covered on The Soul Vendor more than once. Mick's already put up Power, and only the other day I put up What In The World/Greater Love; Greater Love being one of my all-time favourite songs.
So that gets me out of having to write anything about the UK's premier gospel outfit.
Onto this track, then.
It's a decent track, second only to Greater Love in their repertoire (in my humble opinion)... but there was only one reason why I bought this CD single, and that was the excellent Linslee's Extended Mix - re-listening now it still stands out as much the best version.
The Ethnic Boyz version isn't bad, but it lacks the power-funk of Linslee's mix. The house mixes are... not my cup of tea. The Gospel Truth According to Mindspell mix is pretty nice, and takes the tune back to a live, stripped-down, purely gospel vibe - it's probably the best mix after Linslee's.
Peace and luvizm,
- Kymba :)

  • Desire (7")
  • Desire (Ethnic Boyz Main Mix)
  • Desire (Linslee Extended Mix)
  • Desire (Full Chorus London)
  • Desire (Mindspell Classic Club Experience)
  • Desire (The Gospel Truth According To Mindspell)
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Excellent post Kymba and that's for looking after the shop while I'm away.

    Turn the lights off when you leave, gotta look after that planet. ;-)


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