Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Incognito - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing - (1992)

Talkin Loud, TALKCD 21
The sun is shining here in North London, so I thought I'd post something with a Summery vibe to match the weather outside.
What better, then, than a Talkin Loud track? One that's a remake of a Stevie Wonder classic?
I'm a huge Stevie Wonder fan, I know most of his songs backwards, and can't get enough of his 70's period albums. That boy had the funk down to a T. I would normally consider anyone covering one of his songs as utter blasphemy, but Incognito did a brilliant job with this tune, and, dare I say it, made it a little more dance-friendly, with a more pronounced groove.
Just listening to it now takes me back to summers gone by where I had it on a playlist, along with various other acid jazz type tracks, playing loud during barbeque's with family and friends, the rosé wine flowing, the smell of cooking burgers and spliffs* being passed round...
I better stop now, as I'll be boring you.
There's a Frankie Foncett mix, as well as another track, a remix of Colibri, which sounds, for all the world, like a latin-tinged Roy Ayers/George Benson collaboration.
However, what you'll really want are the Edit and LP Versions (the LP Version being my personal pick). Essential summertime listening.
Enjoy the sun, y'all!
- Kymba :)
  • Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Edit)
  • Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (LP Version)
  • Colibri (Remix)
  • Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Frankie Foncett Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Don't You Worry 'Bout A File size: 27.8 MB
* can't do that now, my boyfriend's a cop and doesn't approve!


  1. Awesome release and totally agree with the album track which is obviously on the album but Colibri makes it all worthwhile.

    Your boyfriend doesn't mind you posting on Soul Vendor then? ;-)

  2. NO, he's just not very pro-drugs.

    Ironic really, this place is like a drug to me! :D


  3. Always relate the summer vibe to this track. Especially the video of this where i think they where driving down Camden Market if memory serves?

  4. Too damn skippy Frank, summer was invented for music like this.

    Just had a thought mate. Spring is with us and Frank Black's Cook Book is sitting on the side here and I suddenly thought....

    Frank Black's B-B-Q Special

    What do you say Frank, you put it together and I'll post it up? ;-)

  5. Anyone got the Always There CDS or 12", by the way??


  6. @kymba: link doesn't work. pls check for "always there"


    bnn from clubclassics

  7. BNN - you tha coolest, baby xx

    And thanks! :)

  8. Mickey , Just saw your post mate and sounds like a good idea. Let me see what i can cook up and ill get back to you.

  9. lovin the frankie foncett mix its on point :) Thanks for an awesome blog!!!



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