Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Soul II Soul - Get A Life (1989)

Ten Records, TEN CD 284

“So there it is, work it out for yourself. Be subjective, be objective… be an asset to the collective…”
Wise words there, our Jazzie!
So, after dominating UK airplay, as well as a very impressive showing worldwide, most notably the States, with tracks such as Back To Life and the sublime Keep On Movin’, Soul II Soul found themselves in “difficult second album” territory. However, from the lead single, you wouldn’t know it.
Jazzie B really got his flow on and gave us a more hiphop Soul II Soul song than we’d previously seen. Okay, so he isn’t the most gifted rapper, but the dude has a great voice, rich in bass tones, and sounds fab on this track.
Get A Life isn’t their finest moment, but it’s still a tidy little number espousing the values of positivity, a real cornerstone of the Soul II Soul ethic, and, while I was typing this and re-listening to it, I was surprised how fresh it still sounds. In fact, I caught myself singing along to it a couple of times (got an odd look from a work colleague just now) which really shouldn't be allowed, as I can't sing! Still, it's a mark of how catchy the hook is.
However, the real gem on this mini CD Single (remember them? Whatever happened to them?) is the Teddy Riley remix of Keep On Movin’ – which is worth the admission price alone. I mean, c’mon, he’s put that wicked JB’s “The Grunt” screeching horns sample in there, as popularised by the mighty Public Enemy the year before. Beefed up drums and that “Riddim a full a culture y’aaaal” sample (that I can’t place right at this minute) also play their part in giving us a much more “street” version of Keep On Movin’, without detracting from it’s classy flava.
The mini CD Single is rounded off by a remixed version of Jazzie’s Groove, which is probably the best version I’ve heard of that particular track. Nice extra sax added to it, and cheeky use of a sample from Bob James’ brilliant “Nautilus”.
Anyway, enjoy!
-Kymba :)
  • Get A Life 7" Version
  • Get A Life (Club mix)
  • Keep On movin' (Teddy Riley Remix)
  • Jazzie's Groove (New Version)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Get A Life (Single).zip File size: 21.6 MB


  1. great post! i love jazzie b, he was the one who inspired me to become a dj! i've started to fill my box back in 1989 with "back to life" and collecting virtually all his records since then.

    thanks for this share!


  2. Glad you like, BNN!

    I'm a big Jazzie B fan too - what a voice! :)

    You might eb pleased to know I'll be posting Represent and Love Enuff CD singles over the next few days.


    - Kymba :)

  3. Have a look in the archives and you'll find a bit more SIIS. ;-)

  4. Hey Mickey P. Do you know who sang this song? I think they were a male r&b group.

    Party on, party on, party all night, House party.
    Party on, party all night, got it going on.
    Party on, party on, party all night, House party.
    Party on, party on, party all night.

    Verse. (Kinda sketchy but this is wat i remember...lol)
    It's 4 o'clock in the morning,
    the party's on the way
    I pour myself some champagne while I watch the ladies dance.
    Ooh girl,... you're so mean, so fine, on my mind
    You got it going on, you got it going on
    (got it going on)

    Party on, party on, party all night, House party.
    Party on, party all night, got it going on

    close to d end of the song, there was a reggae guy saying some words.

    I'd appreciate it if you can help out. It's realy bugging me :-)

  5. Heyyy Miss Pearse.

    The song you're looking for is "Party All Night" by a short-lived 90s UK R&B band called "Kreuz".

    I haven't got the 12", but I do have a copy of that song on a compilation album somewhere. I think it was on "Pure Swing 4".

    I'll try and dig it out and rip it for you if you like, but I might need a while, as I have a feeling I'd retired that CD to a box in the loft somwehere!

    Peace & luvizm,

    Kymba :)

  6. @ miss Pearse - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rt8xYfKwtI

  7. OMG...WOW.
    You are the BEST!!!!!!
    I am telling you Kymba..
    I've been looking for this song for almost 8 years now you immediately knew it...You are a rockstar. I owe you big time. I hope I can return the favor someday.


  8. Well done Kymba, I been wracking my brain on that one. I think I have the CDS somewhere, I'll have a look and get back to you? ;-)

  9. Thanks Mickey P.
    You guys are da best.
    One Luv.

  10. Very disappointed, I can't find it. I definitely had the track somewhere but the CDS is When You Smile by Kreuz. Not bad but not Party All Night by a long chalk? :-(

  11. I'll have a search for the compilation album I have with it on then... might take me a while though.

  12. Hi, thanks for this great single. You say this isn't soul II soul's finest, I think this is one of their last fine ones.Beginning with their third album I disconnected because they sounded like a completely different band, might have been because Nellee Hooper left, I don't know, but it was disappointing. I used to play most of their maxi singles. My favorite one was the 12" of Jazzie's groove that had some great mixes, and one of my favorite mixes of all time:Back to life Jam and the groove mix.CHEERS

  13. I hear you Johnny, and agree to an extent, but I think they had some very strong comeback singles like Love Enuff, which I really rate as one of their best!

    I do know whatcha mean though - this was their last single that really had that authentic original Soul II Soul sound.

    Incidentally, I don't have the Jazzy's Groove 12", so haven't heard those mixes. If you ever fancy sharing them with your fellow music lovers... *hint hint*

    Kymba :)

  14. Hey guys. I bought the complete album (mp3) of Kreuz. I'm sure you want it so let me know how to send it. You can shoot me an email at azuredesignslp@gmail.com and I'll hook you up ;-)

  15. hey, nice post. i have the 12" of this - 4 tracks, 3 of which are 'get a life' remixes + 1 called 'fairplay'. on the 'get a life (bonus beats)' version I am wondering if anyone might know who they sample as the underlying drum part?
    it's the same drum beat as the verse parts on 'shake your rump' by the beasties (which alone has a dozen samples in it)...
    thx for jazzie b love!

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