Tuesday, 16 October 2012

JT and the Big Family - Moments In Soul (1990)

Champion Records CHAMP12 237

As I recall, they were an Italian studio production team, Christian Hornbostel & Paul Bisiach, who put together this smooth little number. They were better known as Don Pablos Animals but not to me. That stuff was cheesey Pop house in 88-89, I think?

The beats are from Back To Life by Soul II Soul with the break from Funky President by James Brown. The refrain samples Moments In Love (hence, the title) by Art of Noise and For The Love Of Money by The O'Jays supplying that big bass line leader. Also in there you have the obligatory 1990 "Ah Yeah!" and a bit of dialogue which, it has been claimed, comes from a Milli Vanilli song but hey, they didn't perform anything themselves so its probably from somewhere else anyway?

Kym says: Great track! Brings back a lot of memories for me, this one. You're spot on with the Milli Vanilli sample, Mick - It was from the intro of the 12" version of Girl You Know It's True. Anyway, I've replaced the dead link with a freshly re-ripped CD version for your listening pleasure, folks. I have some remixes of this, too, if anybody is interested?

  • Moments In Soul
  • Moments In Soul ('AA' Mix)
  • Eden 90
The Download Link is here: Download (new CD rip)
Filename: Moments.ZIP.rar Filesize: 26 MB


  1. It's a classic!

    I've always been fond of this, and still sounds great today. :)

  2. one of the 1st 12"s I bought when I was a young'n!

    Quality track!

  3. this song is the bomb!!! thanx sooooo much!!!

  4. Hey wazz up everyone !!! Can I please request for REUP of this fine tune ....please !!!!!

  5. Sorry 'Pac! I don't know what happened there - but it's all up'n'running again now. :)

  6. Just tried dllin it .. the MF link is definitely down - I thought it might just be my ISP..... virigin no joy :(

    ... tried dllin it using my brothers BT ... but it deffo down.

    Thanks Kymba

  7. this link is so down,if it is a cd rip please reup, never get a reply so won't be looking for one!!

  8. Is this link any better, guys?


  9. Okay guys - Mediafire are really messing around with this and D'Angelo - not sure why all of a sudden.

    Anyway, I've switched to filedropper, so let's see how that goes.

    (fresh link added)

  10. I was 12 years old then and that music was fantastic. Thank you.


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