Monday, 1 September 2008

Leena Conquest - Boundaries 1994

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Texas-born Leena Conquest has a unique phrasing style that places her among the best singers in urban music. She has worked with Roy Ayers & Mulgrew Miller on her album Come Fly Away, and on William Parker's 'Raining on the Moon' album and an upcoming release with pianist Dave Burrell.

The full artist title is Leena Conquest and Hip Hop Finger, (a.k.a. Hans Holler, Walter Malli & Werner Popp) whose album Sub Pop, (Aurra 22123) originally showcased this little ditty. Boundaries was produced by Werner 'Les Demon Flowers' Geier (who remixed Omar's Keep Steppin' amongst others) and Rodney Hunter for Uptight Productions. It samples Stop the Rain by Average White Band. Adrian 'Tricky' Thaws (Massive Attack) is responsible for the Tricky Mix obviously, whilst the Six In The Morning Mix is a Tony 'Dobie' Campbell (SIIS, Wookie, Tricky) creation but it still sounds best in its original Full Length Mix. Love Is Blind is simply beautiful, showcasing Leena's jazzy vocal abilities to great effect.

  • Boundaries (Full Length Mix)
  • Boundaries (Tricky Mix)
  • Boundaries (Six In The Morning Mix)
  • Love Is Blind
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  2. Lovely! I've been living off the version on Rebirth of the Cool for years. Thank you much!

  3. Whoa, especially that sax solo!

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