Friday, 26 September 2008

Kicking Back - Everything 1990

Ten Records TENCD 307

Featuring Taxman, Kicking Back debuted in 1990 with the single Devotion. It was quickly followed up with this release, Everything, both of which failed to make much of an impact. The only other recording I'm aware of is All I Want, which features on the flipside of the Devotion single.

Everything is a jaunty little soulful tune built on a reggae foundation. Taxman raps in a reggae style (which doesn't appeal to me personally) but the song is soulful, the melody catchy and the female vocal is gorgeous. It's worth a listen guys, it's just a shame nobody done a tax-deductable mix?

  • Everything (Original 7")
  • Everything (Kickin' Mix)
  • Devotion
The Download Link is here: Download
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Description: Kicking Back
Filesize: 22.21 MB


  1. wow , devotion is a tune id completely forgotten about.
    infact im dloading this JUST for devotion.
    Ps do you have the devotion track with Taxman?


  2. ve Devotion on 12" (and Everything) but it may take awhile before I can get my hands on it?

    As and when, its yours.

  3. Hey Mickey, I've got this 12" and I like it - apart from the reggae rapping.

  4. Blacksun(cz) say: but that happy simple feel good vibe was better -


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