Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Smith & Mighty - Walk On By 1988

Three Stripe Records SAM1114

Smith & Mighty's version of Bacharach & David's Walk On By came out amongst a variety of other versions of Walk On By. Due to its ba-a-ad bassline, spasmodic drum patterns and spacious production, this version sounds unique and quite different. So many people copied this simple sound that it is hard now to see Smith & Mighty as the originators, but they were among the first. Back in the day clubbers would happily hit the floor to this. Travelling on the flipside features the manual dexterity of DJ Linx and the vocal talent of Carlton and MC Kelz. A superb follow-up to Anyone, Smith & Mighty helped forge a distinctive UK sound and need to be remembered for that.

  • Walk On By
  • Walk On By (Mellow Mix)
  • Travelling
  • Different Chapter

The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Mickey!

    I religiously followed James Hamilton's reviews in the Record Mirror every week during the late 80s' (whilst I was a budding DJ!).

    I even ordered the 'BPM' book that he put together detailing all the bpm's of practically every 'dance' record of the time!

    Around this time, I became a huge fan of the 'Bristolian Drum & Bass' Sound of Smith & Mighty's.
    In the BPM book under Smith & Mighty - Hamilton had listed the bpm's for all their trax including 2 called Travelling & Differnt Chapters. I had all the other tracks listed (probably like most people at the time) but had never heard of these trax. I have spent years searching for these 2 songs - and here you have them!
    Thank you so much! Respect!

  2. Good to see this getting some thumbs up. I was a bit worried that Smith & Mighty might not be soul enough for this blog. I decided against posting the Carlton - Do You Dream 12" but maybe I'll post it after all?

    GOOD, Good, good, It's all good! ;-)


  4. Simply awesome Smith & Mighty double post!!!
    And don't you worry, this is indeed soulful enough for this blog, and so is Carlton.
    by the way, if memory serves me right, didn't Smith & Mighty do a version of Donny Osmond's Puppy Love too?
    mickey p, do you have that too?

  5. Puppy Love... f'real?

    Never heard that one, I'd like to though? ;-D

  6. is there any chance you will upload this song anytime soon, the link has failed

  7. Huge tune - the extended version is even better.


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