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Raw Stylus - Pushing Against The Flow (1996)

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Raw Stylus was 'Class-A Sound System Soul'. Ron Aslan and Jules Brookes, released white label vinyl records into the funky London club scene which bloomed post Soul II Soul in the early 90's. The best known Raw Stylus track this side of the pond, would be Pushing Against The Flow which was originally spread about on white label, as early as 1992. At that time Debbie Ffrench was on vocal duty. When the band travelled to the US, to record with Gary Katz, Donna Gardier had replaced her. I assume the 1995 versions have retained the Ffrench vocal.
Pushing... was a big underground tune and eventually became the title track of the album. Giles Petersen named it his track of the year and Paul Weller (Jam, Style Council) claimed it 'should have been a No.1 record' in The Face. Other early singles were: Bright Lights, Big cities (White Label), Many Ways (Mo' Wax) & Use Me (Acid Jazz).

A plethora of very healthy mixes to suit almost any occassion, bloody aggravating isn't it. Dave Lee, in his Joey Negro alter-ego. turns out another disco house happy clapper in a very Jamiroquai sort of style. Alvin Speight slows things down to a swagger for a soulful funk, gate that snare baby. Yes Tosh, the Frankie Foncett Funk 12" is a superb R'n'B grind with a gangsta lean, I love the dialogue on the intro. A funky groove but ruff with what sounds like a goose punctuating every line? Personally, I still favour the Raw Stylus mixes, the Original White Label just taking the prize. The Raw Stylus Dark Mix is, without doubt, a killa groove! Sliding in with an accapella intro, it drops with a noise that sounds like a jet about to take off just prior to the baddest bass line knocks the cobwebs outta your woofers. You know when you been tango'ed! ;-)

Kymba says: I'm just updating the DL link from the now dead MegaUpload service to MediaFire, and I couldn't resist adding my own two cents to the mix, considering how much I adore this track. The Frankie Foncett mixes are hot, and Mickey's "Goose" is a distorted lo-fi horn stab - it's basically a sampling, or recreation, of Craig Mack's Flava In Your Ear. That's my third favourite mix. Second fave is the very bad ass indeed Raw Stylus Dark Mix, but nothing beats the Original White Label Version for this girl - and that includes every single track on the remixes CD of this which I will be posting on here very soon.

PS - The Joey Negro versions are pretty good if house is your thang. I prefer a more funk/soul vibe myself. Is that a recreation of Diana Ross's anthem Love Hangover bassline I spy though?

  • 7" Edit
  • Raw Stylus Dark Mix
  • Original White Label
  • Joey Negro Extended Mix
  • Alvin Speights Main 12" Mix
  • Fronkie Foncett Funk 12"
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Raw Stylus Pushing.ZIP  Filesize: 62.1 MB


  1. Thank you Mr. Mickey P! You did it!
    You're soooo kind and I learn a lot from you!
    Yes, I like both Frankie Foncett & Raw Stylus Dark Mix.

  2. thx for some raw stylus

  3. Hey there. Nice post, I'm lovin' this tune, and keen to check out these mixes. Thanks also for the linkage. I shall reciprocate at once. Keep up the great work, I'm subscribed, so will be checking back again soon, I'm sure :-)


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