Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Omar - Keep Steppin' (1994)

RCA Records 74321233672

A collection of mixes on this '94 CD Single from RCA. The original release is backed up by the Uptight Remix by Rodney Hunter (Moreaus) & Demon Flowers (Werner Geier of Kruder & Dorfmeister). It features additional vocals from Leena Conquest (Boundaries). Next up comes from Gang Starr's DJ Premier and features Uptown (Dope On Plastic). Last but not least, we have two mixes from London's Ghetto Lab featuring Darkman with his own inimitable rap style. The last mix is an Acapella featuring Darkman. No unreleased tracks though, which is a shame but then what do you want for £3.

Kymba says: As a big fan of DJ Premier, it's no secret that I love his mix... however, the Uptight Remix is the version that does it for me. The Ghettapella will be of use to you mixologists, though.

Incidentally, I've re-ripped the whole CD Single, fixed a volume issue (some tracks had a quieter mixdown than others) and a CD cueing problem (meaning the start of the Uptight Mix was at the end of track one).

This one's a killer track, so get it while it's fresh!

  • Keep Steppin'
  • Keep Steppin' (Uptight Remix featuring Leena Conquest)
  • Keep Steppin' (DJ Premier Mix featuring Uptown)
  • Keep Steppin' (Ghetto Lab Mix featuring Darkman)
  • Keep Steppin' (Ghettapella featuring Darkman)
The Download Link is here: Omar - Keep Steppin'.zip | Filesize: 27.85 MB


  1. This is one of the best from Omar.

    (In my humble opinion)

  2. Hi Mickey. Welcome back! Thank you for resurrecting your site. Don't remember any DJ Premier mixes so looking forward to hearing this.
    Thanks again.

  3. Omar is first listen, this dude awesome thx


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