Saturday, 5 July 2008

Mica Paris - South Of The River 1990

4th & Broadway BRCD 199

This incredible release is one of my all time favourites from Mica. South Of The River from the Contribution album, remixed by the Blacksmith crew.

Pretty good stuff but then we have Where Are The Children, an absolute gem, soul music the way it's meant to be. The track is one of two tracks recorded at Ground Control, Santa Monica, written and produced by Patrick Moten & J.A. Greene for Golden Empire, the cherry on top comes courtesy of Gerald Albright supplying sax. This track has everything except Bobby Womack!

In contrast we have I Should've Known Better, written and produced by Mica & Omar. Omar plays all the instruments and it's kept sparse and simple but that does not detract from it's effectiveness in any way. Mica has room to breathe, space to perform and Omar's beats behind that dangerous bass line, this is a killer track. Enjoy!

  • South Of The River (Upso Mix)
  • South Of The River (Brixton Bass Mix)
  • Where Are The Children
  • I Should've Known Better
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. amazing post mate !!!
    South of the river for me is in the top 5 best UK soul tunes of all time ...
    apparently there were remixes of that ... but i never came across them in my record huntin days...


  2. oops i meant to say that i never came accross the remixes of Should have Known better.... and its that which is in my top 5 best....


  3. Indeed, should've known better is quite possibly my alltime fave UK soul song.

    That bassline! Oh, that bassline! And Mica's smokey vocals.



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