Wednesday, 23 July 2008

McKoy - Family 1994

RighTrack Records CD TUM 8

1990-92 was busy timer for Noel McKoy. At the same time as he fronted the acid jazz cult band The James Taylor Quartet, he also had some success with Snowboy (doing a cover of Leroy Hudson's Lucky Fellow and Leo's Sunship's Give Me The Sunshine) and his family as McKoy. The album 'Full Circle - Within A Spiritual Social Soul' was released in 1993 (If you like this then you need a copy) and that prompted a re-release of the highly rated but underexposed Family.

The Original Version is a beautiful slice of soul but this release called in Ray Hayden of Opaz Studios. Hayden, knowing a good song when he hears one, done the right thing and left it virtually as it was but in true Opaz style, he gives it a great big helping of schmoove. You can't fault this guy, he's a master. Walter Turbitt turns out a short but sweet Live Band Mix which is a joy to hear. Personally, I'm not keen on the Gussie P. Reggae Mix but different strokes and all that?

  • Ray Hayden's Extended Mix
  • Original Version
  • Gussie P. Reggae Mix
  • Live Band Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
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'For those who know Soul is what you feel not what you hear.'

Noel McKoy


  1. A London soul CLASSIC...
    of course for the die hards.. the original is still the best... but i dont remember the sax break on the version on my 12..
    a classic no less...

    Just for the beat

  2. Utterly essential to any soul fan.

  3. This needs a re-up. I'll have to go digging out my CDS.


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