Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Seduction - Seduction 1988

A&M Records USAT 651

I remember John Leech playing this for the first time on Essex FM. A thursday night if my memory serve correctly. He enthused about the wonderful sound, the Clivilles & Cole production and how great it was to have a new song that had a real melody and no breaks and bleeps, etc. Two minutes later.....
"Oh You Bastard.... Don't Be So FUCKING SERIOUS!"
...and that children, is how we found out that John wasn't listening to his records before airing them. Make no mistakes here, this is a beautiful tune with some great 'lyrics' and heavy breathing... OK, I'm just a perv. Fortunately, the Reprise Loft Mix is also beautiful but swear word free. He was a lucky man, nearly got his arse canned. Had great taste in music though and Essex FM lost a lot of credibility when he moved on.

  • Vocal Club Mix
  • The Reprise Loft Mix
  • Wild Club Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Just discovered your site. Many thanks for posting and uploading these wonderful songs. I'm a thirtysomething London Soul Boy and some of these tracks bring back some great memories!! Ashamed to say I haven't actually heard of a few of your tracks though!
    Thank you so much!

  2. Glad you found you're way here. Thirty something, hmmm, probably too young for Cat's Whiskers then. How about the Stoned Crow?

    Don't be ashamed, that's my whole reason for posting!

    If you know them but don't have them, that's cool. If you don't know others and discover them because they are here, that's even better. Like it says in my byline....

    "This is music that needs to be heard"

  3. Broken link! Please re-post. Thank You.


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