Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sahara - Love So Fine 1985

Elite Records DAZZ 38

Featuring one of the baddest basslines of the 80's, Love So Fine was remixed by everyone and his uncle in an attempt to get a piggy back ride from it. This is, in my humble opinion (of course) the one and only, definitive version. It stands head and shoulders above most other bassline contenders, even Krystol's After The Dance.

Another Peter Hinds' Invision project along with Kelvin Ellis and Steve Sinclair, collectively known as 'The Producers'. The ex Light Of The World & Atmosfear member, who would go on to work with many great artists, produced and mixed this UK release with trusty engineer, Chris Madden at the Madhouse Studios.

The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Sahara.rar Filesize: 29.31 MB


  1. I love you dude! OMG you posted it! for this I shall be your #1 fan.

    Many thanks Mr ElusiOn

  2. Woooowww, this track has a killer bassline, neva listened it before, but I think the track Jon b - lately (mastermind main mix)2005 was inspired on this Bassline.......and U? what do U think?

  3. A brilliant track, the killer of killer basslines.. Love it!!!!!

  4. I dig this song.. really want to check out the dub, but the link isn't working. :(

  5. Dead link, zombie website...

  6. Yeah Mate, cos anonymous Zombie leechers turn up 5 years later and bitch about dead links and what a crap site it is.

  7. Yer yer Dat's right micky you tell em.! yall can't be comin on this site dissing the man after all the hard work & time he put in..so listen mr.Anonymous, yall better take yo crying bitch-ass back home. yer dig Ricky.scott


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