Monday, 16 June 2008

Don-E - Love Makes The World Go Round 1992

4th & Broadway 12 BRW 242

Don-E came out of South London if I remember rightly, can anybody confirm that. A multi talented young lad with a good understanding of what was happening at the time. This debut release had a huge impact on the soul & dance scene with Don-E being proclaimed as both a genius and a Stevie Wonder sound-alike. Oh well, can't please them all but I'd take that as a compliment anyway?

Personally, I think the London Mix is blinding and Mystery is a cool track too. Grab the album if you can, there are some damn good tracks on it.

  • Extended Club Mix
  • Album Version
  • London Mix
  • Mystery
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Great song, and Fakin the funk as well.

    If you had the video of "Love makes the world go round", just let me know.
    I only saw it once late at night on tv, but had no tape ready to record it, it was when the song 1st came out though. It was shot on an island, i vaguely remember nice pictures, ...too long ago.
    Yeah, I'm from france, and I must "insist", you gave no answer about the 12 inch by Soul expression "Feelings" c/w "Special kind of magic"
    Please Mickey, let me know.

  2. Sorry Boo, I don't know that song so I'm sure I don't have the 12". I wasn't lucky enough to have MTV back then so I don't know any of the videos. :-(

  3. BlackSun(cz): for this song makes perfect face DAVE MORALES + anyway DonE is good later too (fakin the funk and some other lazy tracks...


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