Tuesday, 17 June 2008

12:41 - Success Is The Word 1986

Streetwave Records XKHAN 507

12:41 consisted of Kris 'KRS-1' Parker & 'Scott La Rock' Sterling before they became Boogie Down Productions. Success Is The Word has a great sound and a superb hook, the rap is pretty good for the era although I personally, used to play the Instrumental and Dub a lot.

I almost posted just the B-Side of this release because Just-Ice simply doesn't do this post justice. I guess if you like the Old School rap with all the demeaning and immature foul mouthed bullshit that kept it back for so long, then you might appreciate it. Still, on a positive note, the reason I left it on is because Put That Record Back On is a Kurtis Mantronik production.
Be warned, That Girl Is A Slut is not for mixed company?

  • Success Version
  • Radio Version
  • Success Instrumental
  • Success Dub

  • Put That Record Back On
  • Latoya
  • Put That Record Back On (Instrumental)
  • That Girl Is A Slut

The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: 12-41.rar Filesize: 60.57 MB

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