Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Universal Robot Band - Barely Breaking Even 1984

Streetwave Records MKHAN 48

My apologies if this one jumps but it's impossible to play this tune without dancing. Totally infectious slice of mature dance, not far removed from the early 90's Vocal House of groups like Blaze. Listen to that cowbell and try standing still?

A Greg Carmichael project with Patrick Adams, that dates back to the late seventies and included 'would-be-members' of the group Kleer. This was a completely different line-up, half a decade later. Co-written by Leroy Burgess this midtempo stomper with lots of percussion and moog, in its 1982 Original form (Rare Groove Mastercuts Vol. 2) is almost 12 mins long but this 1984 85 Club Remix clocks in at 7:55. Believe me when I tell you, you don't miss the extra minutes. E-sensual!

  • 85 Club Remix
  • Edit
  • Instrumental
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  1. Hi Mick, really great single, thanks for sharing it!!


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