Monday, 12 May 2008

Teddy Pendergrass - 2 A.M. 1988

Elektra EKR83(T)

The 80's marked the decline of musicians and as electronics took the place of instruments, many great performers lost their soul. Teddy fared well in that respect and on his 1988 album 'Joy' the music is good and all is well. Hard to believe the artist is paralyzed and singing from a wheelchair. This was the second single release from 'Joy' and this one got the remix treatment. Don't panic, it's good.

The remixes are by E=MC2 which is Teddy & Mitch Goldfarb for Teddy Bear Enterprises and the female vocals are by Tenita Jordan, courtesy of Top Priority Records (another TP venture) so you see, it's all somewhat incestuous and as such, it doesn't stray far from home. ;-)

  • 4 A.M. Mix
  • 6 A.M. Mix
  • All Night Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: TP 2AM 1988.rar Filesize: 32.53 MB


  1. I've got to stop right here and say that your "Taste in Music" is impeccable! I normally search out 70's sweet soul harmony in my blogdom journey's, however, I'm not immune to the exellent sounds of the eighties and beyound, I mean let's face it, good music IS GOOD music!

    What you have right here is Rare & Good Music! (I won't go through a list I've down loaded) yet, take for example this particular tune right here: TP 2 A.M. for as long as I've know about this song, WHY in the name of...(let's say) Ali Baba? did'nt I know about this 12" Remix??? Well, now I do (thanks to you!) Yet I'm sure there are probably a couple-hundred other people unawares of it as well.

    Before I begin to digress, any further, in addition to the Great taste you have in music, the information you give along side of it is Invaluable as well! It tells a story untold and ties together personalities, pedigrees and a time-line that would other wise be forgotten.

    Bravo! to You for the hark work you put in to present rare and hard to find "Quality" music for our listening Knowledge & pleasure.

    As one visitor of your blog has stated in a comment, you do not have, as we can see, any visable
    e-m to contact you for, in my case, a return share of music you may be interested in. If this would interst you, please...let me know...(in the words of Arnold)
    I Shall Be Back!

    GOD Bless, and Good Music To Ya!

  2. Thank you for those kind words Broadway. As per my sidebar, I am simply trying to keep this music in accessible. Most of these are high quality mixes that are unavailable and forgotten about due to the current trend. That, my friend, is wrong?

    I'm always interested in hard to find music and if you have an album worth sharing, I can post it up as long as you can supply the art?

    Drop your email in the comments box and I'll contact you. I'll delete the comment as soon as I have it. ;-)

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us.
    Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.


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