Monday, 26 May 2008

Sybil - Let Yourself Go 1987

Champion Records CHAMP 12-42

This is Sybil Lynch, the Sybil that done When I'm Good And Ready, etc. a few years later. This was the second release, of note, by Sybil and I actually bought this because it had a remix of her first release on the flip. Falling In Love was a great tune that I could not get hold of until Let Yourself Go arrived. As it turned out, I liked this even more. Hard to believe she went on to do all that cheesey dance fodder?

I could be rash here and say these James Bratton produced 'Next Plateau' recordings were the forebears to the original vocal house tunes, Chicago Jack Traxx had no soul. Of course, opinions are like arseholes, everybody's got one and, I 'm probably talkin' out of mine. Salsoul had already been there and done all that?

No, I never did get the original Falling In Love 12", sorry.

  • Let Yourself Go (Club Mix)
  • Let Yourself Go (Paradise Mix)
  • Falling In Love (Remix)
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