Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Mary Pearce - Legacy 1992

E.C.1 Records RNG001

A double header promo from Mary Pearce, produced by The Dark Knight himself, Tee Agbetu with a little help from Deluxe.

  • Legacy
  • Don't Break My Heart
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Mary Pearce.rar Filesize: 15.57 MB


  1. Brilliant track

    Are you going to upload any of Deluxes tracks

    And do you have Projection "turn your Love" great piece of 80's brit soul

  2. hey. what a blog! omar. raw stylus ... miss pearce ... I wonder if she ever brought out a whole album.

    go on with your fine work Mr. Soul Vendor.

    The Cleopatra Jones Rescue Squad adores you ...

  3. Great tracks
    Do you have Mary Pearce - Don't Worry / Over ?


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