Saturday, 17 May 2008

Marva - Woman In Me 1993

Arista Records 74321 136491

This superb track, penned by Marva, Stansfield, Devaney & Morris, sounds wonderfully grubby. Marva has a knack for taking it to the gutter and she does it very well. The girl just oozes sex!

The Essentials at Hot Night Studios is a bit of a mouthful for a remix team but whoever they are, they certainly know what they're doing. The Essential 12" mix raises the song to another level. As the original was damn good itself, you have to wonder how they managed that. The Ambient mix is another cup of tea, basically an acappella with some percussion and chords that combine in a breathtakingly beautiful piece of music.

Just to show what a superb dirtbag she is, check the lyrics to my favourite here, S-E-X-4-2. The promise of an album 'For You' came to nothing as far as I'm aware. If I'd heard that it had been released, I'd have got it but then I am constantly gobsmacked by what I missed back then. If anybody knows different please let me know?

  • Woman In Me
  • S-E-X-4-2
  • Woman In Me Essential 12"
  • Woman In Me Ambient Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. This blog is serious MAN. So many good things to listen ... why not pre-93 UK R&B ?

    Thanks a lot & respect !!!!

  2. Glad you're enjoying it, that means I'm getting it right...

    Why not pre-93 UK R&B. I'm guessing thats meant for the 94-98 request?

    Just to keep everybody in the know, I'm not aiming to fill requests BUT if I have what you're looking for and if it fits my blog then I don't mind posting it.

    Suggestions are welcome but only as suggestions, I ain't a record shop.

    Appreciate the comment man, thanks. ;-)


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