Friday, 16 May 2008

Loose Ends - Magic Touch 1985

Virgin Records VS761 13

Not much to see on this one but that just adds to the audio sensation, less to detract. This white label (OK, mauve label then) came from nowhere and spread like chinese whispers for a short time. The only info is on the sticker, the serial stamped in the run out on both sides with A-1 & B-1 to tell them apart.

The reason for this Virgin Promo is the addition of the legendary Roy Ayers playing vibraphone on Loose Ends latest single (at the time, of course) and although they have noted that his appearance is courtesy of CBS Records, they then go and spell his name wrong. The 'Vibes Version' is even more beautiful than the classic original and for the Roy Ayers fans, the B-side is an instrumental.

  • Magic Touch Vibes Version
  • Magic Touch Vibes Instrumental
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Loose Ends Vibes.rar Filesize: 19.9 MB


  1. Thanks for the heads up John, the vocal side has been re-ripped and is ready for a skip free listening experience. ;-)

  2. Thanks for all that great sounds Mickey.
    That's just an amazing pleasure to (re)discover some of those dopest !


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