Saturday, 24 May 2008

The Limit - Say Yeah 1984

Portrait TA 4808

I got sloppy for a couple of years (83/4) while I was loved up, engaged, married and becoming a home-owner (not reccomended) and missed the arrival of this beautiful platter. I was in Rhodes a few years later and made a lot of friends because the sounds comin' from my poolside ghettoblaster were agreeable. Shortly after, we took over the sound system in the bar and a great holiday was had by all. During that time I was asked if I had heard this track and also The System - You're In My System which I'll put up as soon as I find it. I hadn't?

The 12" release is a remix by John Luongo and since I've not heard the album version I don't know how different it is but I do know that this version is awesome. The lead vocal is handled by a very competent Rob Van Shaik who is ably supported by a featured guest vocalist, Gwen Guthrie. All in all, a very worthy acquisition, I got my education.

  • Say Yeah
  • Say Yeah (Instrumental)
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. I like " The limit" very much.
    Thanks Mickey for sharing this version of 'Say yeah'

    Keep The Vibe Alive ;-)


  2. You're welcome guys, it was a great era and it produced some fine tunes. I must post a few more early 80's 12"s. ;-)

  3. thanks a lot for this tune.Have you got a Wanted list 12 Inch.I'm glad to help my mail adress


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