Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Kinkina - Jungle Fever 1987

Champion Records CHAMP 12-35

In 1972 Chakachas released Jungle Fever, produced by Roland Kluger with vocals by Bill Ador. It saw some success and became a bit of a classic on the Rare Groove scene. In 1981 Kinkina had another go at it but it never took off until 1987 when PWL's Phil Harding & Pete Waterman got their hands on it. Despite the nausea associated with the name, they done a damn good job but the real surprise was the 'Skratch Fever' Mix.

To give the re-release a little limelight, Shem McCauley, aka DJ Streets-Ahead, was brought in to do some live scratching over the track. It works!

"In 1987, CJ Mackintosh was the DMC UK Champ and he battled DJ Streets Ahead on the Champion Records compilation Ultimate Trax. Streets Ahead made the difference. Streets Ahead liked Go Go and what he did with Trouble Funk still stands the test of time." DJ David RB

  • Jungle Fever (Megamix)
  • Skratch Fever
  • Jungle Fever (Original Version)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Kinkina.rar Filesize: 32.39 MB
*Published without a link and nobody noticed... that tells me a lot!


  1. VERY, VERY thanks for this "special" ^^ rarity!!

    PS: I've looking about a Year for the Interpreters of the Song - and found now a hint on

    salü =)

  2. Nice Salü,

    I'm glad somebody got to enjoy it cos it's a great song. ;-)

  3. please can you re up this wicked track. cheers mate ricky.scott \frm,kent

  4. sorry 4 got e,mail address. please can you re up this wicked track. cheers mate.

  5. Would love a copy of this - it's on iTunes but the files are corrupt!


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