Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Kim Edwards - Live Your Life In Happiness 1991

Beatfreaks Records CON 4UX1

This excellent two track 12" from 1991 put Kim Edwards on the map for a short time. I'm not aware of this getting an official release but it was heard everywhere that counted. To my knowledge Kim never followed it up with anything, I'd love to find out I'm wrong?

Think I used to play Stand Tall but listening now, ...Happiness is the better track IMHO.
  • Live Your Life In Happiness
  • Stand Tall
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Kim Edwards.rar Filesize: 11.11 MB

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  1. DuDe!
    One big thanks for this, had it on 12" myself, not sure wher its gone, haven't heard this for ages.

    Once i started going through your blog you had half the office dancing and reminiscing about times gon past.



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