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Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space 1979

MCA Records MCAT 543

  • Dancing In Outer Space
  • Outer Space
Hard To Find

The download link is: Download
Filename: MCAT 543 Dancing In Outer Space 1979.rar Size: 23.44 MB

The re-issue

Elite Records DAZZ 1.

For the trainspotters out there, notice how "Acute Productions" is turned into "A Cute Production"...

Quote: Jerry Pike
"As i started to write this page i received a phone call from an old friend Tony Monson, a dj, record supplier and a definite helper in the original promotion of Elite records and Level 42 music "he used to go shop to shop selling records". This was unfortunately not a good call, as he brought with him the sad news that last week Andy Sojka had died. Although I had not spoken to Andy for many years the passing of anyone at 48 years of age was truly sad.

I first met Andy when we both worked for SoundScene, Harlesden, London NW10 (later to become All Ears),He was always cheerful, and had his finger on the button. Andy ran the shop, Rick Dejongh was his right hand man, and I was the new boy.

Over the years he started a football team "from the shop", called Stanley Accrington, All three of us were in it, and we were very successful, recruiting players from customers and friends alike. One of the team was Trevor Wyatt, who worked at Island Records and was greats friends with and an expert on Bob Marley.

The Elite label was founded on the need originally to put out tracks by our own group Atmosfear(who rehearsed in the shop), but things progressed far beyond that as you probablyknow. Due to a quiet time at the shop in 1982, it was closed after seven years and we went our separate ways. I had probably only spoken to Andy twice on the phone since then, but realised what a great loss his passing will be to many. "

Jerry Pike


  1. This is a FANTASTIC blog and no mistake. You should be very proud of what you've done here.

    I'm a massive Level 42 fan - my collection is on my website - and I was referred to your site by a fellow poster on the L42 web digest when I was looking to learn more about the history of the Elite records label.

    I knew about Atmosfear and Powerline because of the Level 42 link but thanks to your blog I now know a lot more - and the downloads are brilliant, thanks.

    Elite-wise i've got DAZZ4 (Sandstorm / on promo, DAZZ5 Love Meeting Love on regular, promo - and CLEAR 12" VINYL! The clear pressing set me back over £300.

    I'd love to get hold of the Level 42 'Early Tapes' vinyl pressing on Elite - commonly known as Strategy - that's all I need to 'complete' my collection really.

    The other downloads are superb by the way. I lost loads of CDs by Raw Stylus, JTQ, Diana Brown etc a few years ago and to find them all here, plus many more is amazing and i'm very grateful.

    Thanks again,

    Paul, UK.

  2. Thanks for the props Paul, I think it's wonderful to be able to post records like this. There's something special about handling a 12" vinyl disc and reading through the credits, trying to decipher the etching in the run out and generally poring over the artwork. That didn't really carry over to the CD single, although I have posted quite a few. As with the CD album, the artwork doesn't look as impressive on a 12cm square. In this ipod generation, things seem even more bleak. An mp3 and if you are lucky, maybe a 2.5cm graphic of something that might be a cover or logo. At least in this way the release retains some of its identity?

    I'd love to include those DAZZ releases on here. Do you fancy posting them. I seem to recall seeing that Level 42 album somewhere. I'm sure I don't have it but somebody I know may have. Don't get too excited but I'll enquire?

    Thanks for the comments, £300.... Jeez, that's devotion. They were a special band though. ;-)

  3. Absolutely love to publish the elite pressings mate. Totally agree 100% on vinyl comments. has the scans - let me know how to e-mail you the mp3 files. I've just got a white label of DAZZ2 by Stop which I can also send.

  4. Jerry!
    I dunno if you still have this blog but its you remember me? I went out with Keith and was friends with Anita..Anyway I have been in the US for over 20 years now and was reminiscing on things and so here I am. Drop us an email if you can Sorry to hear about Andy..way too young.

    Hope its been a good life Jerry would love to hear how its been.



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