Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Asia Blue - The Boy In The Moon 1993

Atomic Records WNRCD 188

Early 1993 this unheard of group caught my eye, it's easy to see what attracted my attention...

Hope, tracks 2 & 4, remix & additional production by D-Influence for D-I Sound Productions. At the time D-Influence could do no wrong. Their album was awesome, the singles were essential and their (Kwame Kwaten & Ed Baden-Powell) remixes were of great interest. It just so happens that on this release, The Boy In The Moon is also a very well handled ballad that shows that these girls have voices too. Shortly afterwards, I found a couple of other 12"s Connect and Escaping which I've now posted.

The only let down for Asia Blue is the dodgy association with a guy called Barry Blue. I didn't realise until recently that he is the 70's artist that sang Dancing On A Saturday Night in blue spandex. Now that doesn't inspire confidence. Fortunately, D-Influence do and I'm pleased that somebody came up with that sticker idea. Have a listen, Barry Blue should change his name coz he done a good job with Asia Blue.

  • Boy In The Moon (Radio)
  • Hope (Hope O Dope Mix)
  • Boy In The Moon (12" Version)
  • Hope (D'Wolverhampton/Zanzibar House Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Asia Blue Size: 24.93 MB


  1. This is a cover of New Zealander Margaret Urlich's hit.


    Do you have Asia Blue's other single, Escaping? It is another cover of Margaret's.


  2. I'll post it soon, thanks for the info. ;-)

  3. Would you mind re-uploading the Asia Blue singles on another file server now that megaupload has been closed down? Thank you!

  4. I am the one in the middle, many thanks for remembering us, It was a fantastic time in our lives


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