Sunday, 27 April 2008

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - A Touch Of Jazz 1987

Champion Records CHAMP 12-47

Around 1985 a new fun tune hit the rap scene. Girls Ain't Nothin' But Trouble featured a cheeky young lad with a great style and charisma. With his DJ creating some catchy music as a foundation, he told his amusing tale like a comedy routine. I wonder what happened to him?

Word had it, the DJ Jazzy Jeff was something special and there was even talk about him taking part in the DMC Championships but it never happened. Then in 1987, they released an album 'Rock The House' which immediately got tongues wagging. Their product had matured into a more confident style but more importantly, hidden amongst the rap was a groove of great importance!

The album version of A Touch Of Jazz was a major player at a time when the world was learning to embrace Jazz Music. This track was created from some of the soul worlds finest grooves. Built on the hook of 'T Plays It Cool' from the Marvin Gaye Troubleman OST, Jeff Townes layers refrains from songs like Donald Byrd's 'Change (Makes You Want To Hustle)' and also 'Places & Spaces', Bob James 'Westchester Lady' is also in there?

The Extended Re-Touch is good although it's clear that Jazzy didn't create it. On the flip, Fresh Prince raps over it..... whoops! This one wasn't about you mate, sorry. It also has a Chic sample in it which works well but is straying from the quality jazz theme?
  • Extended Re-Touch
  • Original Album Version
  • Collapsed In The Street Mix
  • Collapsed In The Street Edit
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